A coming-of-age for drilling analytics

We’re excited to announce that Pason Systems Inc. has acquired Verdazo Analytics. As part of the acquisition, we’ll be operating as a standalone subsidiary of Pason. Our companies will work together, and with our clients, to connect Pason’s rich well of drilling data to our VERDAZO product. Eventually, our clients will be able to see and analyze their own drilling data in VERDAZO. In the meantime, all Verdazo Analytics clients will continue to have the same team working with them from day-to-day.

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Value from day one

VERDAZO delivers immediate business impact with its out-of-the-box analysis capabilities, ease of use and speed of implementation.

Industry stewardship

We’re dedicated to the industries we serve and we instill the expertise we gain in our software and our expert client support.

Discovery analytics

Our discovery analytics workflows incorporate interactive visual analytics tools, pre-built templates and custom reports into an unmatched analysis environment.

More value, less effort

VERDAZO offers deep analytical capabilities to business users. It works with both vendor and proprietary data, scales efficiently for large organizations and offers enterprise-level data governance and security. Clients also gain access to the Verdazo Analytics team — analytical and industry experts who help clients make decisions that drive value.

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Leader in discovery analytics

Discovery Analytics is a sequence of explorations, each predicated on the discovery and insights of the last. It’s about a path of exploration that can change with each new discovery. It’s not something that can be anticipated. Other tools let you explore data, but only within the bounds of how they were built and limited by the technical and domain expertise of their creators. VERDAZO enables you to cut a path through the data and steer your evolving analysis in whatever direction your insights take you.

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Pason acquires Verdazo Analytics
At Verdazo Analytics, we’ve always been a product of what we’ve been able to learn from our clients. The advancements in our VERDAZO product, services and methodologies have all been inspired and informed by the partnerships we’ve built over the...
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How a producer started its analytics journey
At Verdazo Analytics, we are advocates of ‘Discovery Analytics.’ Discovery Analytics is an  approach by which a data-driven investigation shifts with new insights revealed during the process. It’s not something calculated from start to finish. It evolves as you go,...
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November 14, 2016 by

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