A decade of accomplishments in Oil & Gas

We enable business users to do more effective analysis and help organizations build cultures of analytics.

Value from day one

VERDAZO delivers immediate business impact with its out-of-the-box analysis capabilities, ease of use and speed of implementation.

Industry stewardship

We’re dedicated to advancing the capabilities of the Oil & Gas industry by partnering with all our clients and continuously evolving our software based on their input and expertise.

Discovery analytics

Our Discovery Analytics workflows incorporate interactive visual analytics, pre-built chart templates and reports into an unmatched analysis environment.

Software designed by crowdsourced innovation

VERDAZO software was built by leveraging the collective expertise of hundreds of Oil & Gas clients, industry experts and professionals. It offers business users deep analytical capabilities and our unique analytics accelerators. VERDAZO integrates any data source, scales efficiently for large organizations and offers enterprise-level data governance and security.

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Pioneering Discovery Analytics

We created the Discovery Analytics methodology to give users the most powerful approach to analytics in the Oil & Gas industry. Discovery Analytics is a sequence of explorations, each predicated on the discovery and insights of the last.

Other tools let you explore data, but only within the bounds of how they were built and limited by the technical and domain expertise of their creators. VERDAZO enables you to cut a path through the data and steer your evolving analysis in whatever direction your insights take you.

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Our clients save millions of dollars using VERDAZO software


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