The birth of discovery analytics

VERDAZO software was initially designed for the Oil & Gas industry. When the company was founded in the Canadian energy-industry capital of Calgary in 2006, the Verdazo Analytics team cultivated a partnership approach with its clients, getting up close and personal with their analytic challenges and developing expert knowledge of the systems and data they worked with each day.

Over time, the software incorporated a library of common integrations while the Verdazo Analytics team developed expertise in using the software to help clients make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations. With Verdazo Analytics’ acquisition by Pason Systems Inc. in 2017, the company gained access to a wealth of drilling data and VERDAZO continued its evolution as the leading Oil & Gas analytics product in Canada. But for Verdazo Analytics, energy was just the start.

All industries face similar challenges

As Verdazo Analytics embedded itself deeply in the Oil & Gas industry, working with what would appear to be an esoteric set of operational considerations, systems and user problems, a realization struck: the same data analysis problems recurred across all industries. Everyone struggled with creating single sources of data truth, managing rogue excel files on individual user’s desktops and the challenge of analyzing multiple, disparate sources of data.

Whether it was proprietary operational data, industry data or financial data, common problems existed in healthcare, telecommunications, agriculture and every other industry under the sun.

The all-industry analytics solution

VERDAZO has helped organizations realize millions of dollars in efficiencies and deepen their analytic capability and capacity, regardless of their resource constraints. This next-generation analytical software is now available across industries.

The product offers the ability to execute Comparative, Diagnostic, Trending, Correlation, and Statistical visual data analyses. Discovery analytics workflows enable users to take their analyses both broad and deep depending on where the data takes them, while supported by collaboration and data governance across the organization. Regardless of the industry you’re working in, VERDAZO offers leading edge analytical capabilities to enhance your business.

Explore VERDAZO’s Oil & Gas analysis capabilities

Download the product infosheets below for a sampling of what’s possible across three major analysis areas.

Public Data
Explore public data. Identify business opportunities by discovering insights into companies, plays and completion technologies.
Product Infosheet
Financial Data
Analyze your accounting data. Optimize financial performance by identifying operating cost issues and revenue opportunities.
Product Infosheet
Production Data
Analyze your production data. Optimize production performance, minimize downtime and improve your ability to hit production targets.
Product Infosheet

Analytics for all users and all industries

VERDAZO has configurable analytical capabilities that enable business users focused on industry data, productivity analysis, or financial analysis — and beyond.

Learn how VERDAZO works for your industry

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