Product overview

VERDAZO reveals the hidden insights in complex data to enable smarter, faster decisions. It contains powerful visual analysis tools, pre-built templates and custom reports that work with multiple data sources. The software is hardwired with our unique “discovery analytics” approach to visual data analytics. Discovery analytics gives users the power to take their analyses wherever the data leads them, empowered by dynamic workflows that offer nearly unlimited analytical possibilities. Perhaps best of all, VERDAZO delivers value from day one. Business users will be doing effective analysis within minutes of getting set up.

What is discovery analytics?

Discovery Analytics is a sequence of explorations, each predicated on the discovery and insights of the last. It’s about a path of exploration that can change with each new discovery. It’s not something that can be anticipated. Other tools let you explore data, but only within the bounds of how they were built and limited by the technical and domain expertise of their creators. VERDAZO enables you to cut a path through the data and steer your evolving analysis in whatever direction your insights take you.

VERDAZO delivers value across the enterprise

  • For Business Users


    Data access

    Eliminate or reduce the time spent gathering both public and proprietary data necessary for analyses.


    Analysis capabilities

    Utilize a robust array of analysis tools, dynamic workflows, templates and reports applicable to industry, productivity and financial data sources.



    Work with peers and share data analysis across departments and functional groups.

  • For IT Buyers


    Data delivery

    Ensure all areas of the organization receive consistent, reliable and repeatable data.


    Enterprise scalability

    The software scales quickly, efficiently and inexpensively to meet emerging business needs.


    Data governance

    VERDAZO helps enable centralized, consistent business logic and security.

  • For Executives


    Corporate alignment

    Create a single source of data truth. Align insights and communication across departments.


    Optimize productivity

    Augment human analytical capabilities and fuel inter-departmental innovation and collaboration.


    Efficiency and optimization

    Help your teams perform faster, more sophisticated analyses with limited resources.

Enterprise-class data analytics

VERDAZO delivers critical value all across an organization. For business users, it offers a deep array of analytical tools and capabilities. For the IT buyer, our software offers enterprise-level scalability, repeatability, security and centralized, consistent business logic. For executives, it catalyzes innovation and enhances productivity and analytical strength within an organization.

V-Broadcast gets the right information to the right people

Expand the value of VERDAZO by adding V-Broadcast, a product that automatically generates and distributes information, visualizations and reports. With V-Broadcast you can enhance operational response with criteria-based alert generation, identify optimization opportunities with targeted algorithms, or ensure executives receive key performance updates. V-Broadcast saves time and ensures everyone in your organization gets the information they need when they need it.

Analytics for all users and all industries

VERDAZO has configurable analytical capabilities that enable business users focused on industry data, productivity analysis, or financial analysis — and beyond.

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