December 13, 2011 by

VISAGE is a Technology Stars 2011 Winner

Editor’s Note: While VISAGE rebranded to VERDAZO in April 2016, we haven’t changed the VISAGE name in our previous blog posts. We’re proud of our decade of work as VISAGE and that lives on within these blogs. Enjoy. VISAGE is proud to announce that we are a Technology Stars 2011 winner for Best Exploration Technology. Check out the articles in the New Technology Magazine and the Oil & Gas Inquirer. The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin is second to none in terms of the sheer volume of information that is readily available to the industry. This information has become an increasingly important resource in developing an understanding of plays and technical concepts. With the right tools this information can be used to narrow your focus and make “quick & accurate decisions that are well researched”. Kory Galbraith, VP of Engineering at Elkhorn Resources, took advantage of VISAGE’s visual analysis technology to analyze data from the geoLOGIC Data Center “to screen exploration areas in building its business plan”.  With the development of our most recent public data analysis capabilities, clients are using VISAGE as a “data exploration tool” to garner insights and make decisions that help them to optimize new and existing production opportunities....

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