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Here’s the bottom line: unless you apply analytics across the entire well life cycle, you’re falling behind your competitors. Our industry-leading team is a blend of analytics professionals, engineers and other Oil & Gas technical experts. They’ll help you make a huge leap forward, no matter how much experience you have with analytics today.

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The problem with unintegrated data is you can’t always see the inefficiencies and gaps in your organization. You could be losing and not even know it. We can assess your current data sources and structures and devise the best approach to integrate systems. We’ll help you get faster time to value now and support the evolution of your needs over the long term.


Knowledge isn’t equally distributed across the Oil & Gas industry. Some companies are stuck in the past. Some are driving into the future. Make sure your team has the industry leading knowledge and analytics abilities they need to drive efficiencies. We do everything from ‘get started’ training to deeper workshops with our industry-leading partners so you can be the best at what you do.

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March 2, 2020 by

The White Elephant in The Room

The title of this blog combines two concepts. A white elephant is a possession whose cost to dispose of, is out of proportion to its usefulness. The elephant in the room is a metaphorical idiom for an important topic, problem, or risk that that everyone knows about but no one wants to discuss because it makes at least some of them uncomfortable. With this explanation in place let’s ask a question. Question: “What produces 1.1 trillion litres of water per year in order to extract a marketable commodity?” Hint: 5.4 barrels of water are produced for every $50 worth of this marketable commodity. Answer: Canada’s Petroleum Industry. Some might say this is a water industry with a petroleum by-product. For over 20 years in this industry I have been aware of water produced in conjunction with oil & gas, of increases in water cut as wells mature, and the significant percentage of operating costs that trucking and disposal represents. However, I didn’t appreciate the magnitude of produced water that the industry contends with… until now. Produced water is water that is co-produced with petroleum products from a reservoir at significant depth. Produced water is non-potable water, saline, and often contains undesirable...

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September 10, 2019 by

GLJ Acquires Verdazo’s Machine Learning Technology & Consulting Practice

GLJ Petroleum Consultants has acquired the machine learning technology, software and consulting practice from Verdazo Analytics. Verdazo will continue to focus on its Business Intelligence software and services, and support clients by serving up machine-learning-ready data. In a recent partnership with GLJ on the Spirit River Machine Learning Study, it became increasingly evident that the need for consistent regional geoscience analysis was a challenge for most producers, particularly given staff reductions in a challenging commodity market. GLJ is well equipped to support companies who need a depth and breadth of geotechnical expertise to integrate into their reserves, development and completion optimization efforts. “The biggest opportunity in the industry to leverage machine learning is also its greatest obstacle… you need consistent regional geological interpretations to take advantage of machine learning’s ability to build understanding and inform completion optimization opportunities.” said Bertrand Groulx, President of Verdazo Analytics. “The breadth and depth of GLJ’s engineering and geotechnical expertise can really help companies accelerate new insights and capital efficiencies.” “Acquiring the machine learning software and methodologies from Verdazo gives GLJ a head start in incorporating machine learning technology into our reserves workflow, fully considering the impact that geology, reservoir and completions collectively have on...

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Machine Learning: Usability, Stability & Interpretability

Machine learning in the Oil & Gas industry has met with varied success and no shortage of hype.  Barriers to success in the industry include data challenges, inflated expectations, and a lack of trust from those who stand to benefit from its results.  In this presentation, we will be showing the bulk of our Spirit River Study from the SPE Subsurface Workshop, plus a whole lot more.  We will explore trust-building approaches that include feature selection, interpretive visualizations, stability considerations, “What’s a good R2?”, and a Man vs Machine simulation.  In the simulation, we compare traditional type-curve generation approaches with those based on machine learning models, using data from the Marcellus.

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