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Here’s the bottom line: unless you apply analytics across the entire well life cycle, you’re falling behind your competitors. Our industry-leading team is a blend of analytics professionals, engineers and other Oil & Gas technical experts. They’ll help you make a huge leap forward, no matter how much experience you have with analytics today.

Data Integration

The problem with unintegrated data is you can’t always see the inefficiencies and gaps in your organization. You could be losing and not even know it. We can assess your current data sources and structures and devise the best approach to integrate systems. We’ll help you get faster time to value now and support the evolution of your needs over the long term.


Knowledge isn’t equally distributed across the Oil & Gas industry. Some companies are stuck in the past. Some are driving into the future. Make sure your team has the industry leading knowledge and analytics abilities they need to drive efficiencies. We do everything from ‘get started’ training to deeper workshops with our industry-leading partners so you can be the best at what you do.

Machine Learning

What’s your plan to take advantage of artificial intelligence? Don’t have one? That’s a problem. We can help accelerate your use of Machine Learning to leverage the integrated datasets used across all asset life-stages. This is a new frontier in Oil & Gas analytics and we’re here to help you achieve a major competitive advantage.

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Machine Learning: Practical Use in Upstream Oil & Gas

There’s an enormous amount of discussion about the possibilities of Machine Learning but far less practical information about the impacts it can have on Oil & Gas today. In this presentation, we articulate some of most valuable prizes Machine Learning offers for upstream Oil & Gas, including feature importance and sensitivity analysis, and the power of predictive Machine Learning models. The presentation outlines two recent case studies – one focused on reservoir properties and the other focused on drilling and completion optimization – that bring the material to life. This presentation was originally delivered May 31, 2018 as part of the SPE Oil & Gas Breakfast Series in Calgary.

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Machine Learning

Predict production performance, reservoir properties and optimize well location & completion design.

May 7, 2018 by

Machine Learning: Is it really a Black Box?

Machine Learning isn’t the “black box” that many perceive it to be. On complex data sets, the use of Machine Learning with a rigorous process and supporting visualizations can yield far more transparency than other methods. What is a “Black Box”? Machine learning models are sometimes characterized as being Black Boxes due to their powerful ability to model complex relationships between inputs and outputs without being accompanied by a tidy, intuitive description of how exactly they do this. A “Black Box” is “a device, system or object which can be viewed in terms of inputs and outputs without any knowledge of its internal workings” (Source: Wikipedia). Black Boxes (and Machine Learning models) exist everywhere We tend to label things as “Black Boxes” when we don’t trust them more than when we don’t understand them. Machine Learning models aren’t unique in having an element of “mystery” in how they work – there are all sorts of things we trust all around us for which we don’t fully understand the inner workings. GPS, search engines, car engines, step counters, even the curve fitting algorithms in Excel are examples where we trust what’s happening inside because we’re able to see and, with experience,...

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